blogSay no to Paper Business cards. Say yes to ELITE Digital Business Cards.

Say no to Paper Business cards. Say yes to ELITE Digital Business Cards.

It so often happens that you exchange business cards only to lose them the next day in your pile of unwanted papers and cards. And did you know that 27 million business cards are printed each year! It will not surprise you that 88 percent ends up in the bin within a week.

Forgotten in a desk drawer. Thrown away 10 minutes after having been received. Printed and never handed out.

Digital Business Card

This problem needed to be solved…

These are just some of the fates that business cards of the past have suffered. These outcomes are soon to be behind us as business cards come back in a big way!

Here’s the ELITE smart business card solution! The days of endless card printing and unnoticed exchanges are now behind us. WIth the ELITE business card, you have your entire business in the palm of your hands, and you simply have to share said business with a potential client and keep track of the entire thing at the same time!

Digital Business Card

We’re the revolution of the business card game, and we’re here to stay! We’re not in anyone’s competition, and there’s certainly no one in ours in the entire business ecosystem.

With ELITE, you also do your bit for the environment by saving 15 billion trees from getting cut each year (according to the journal Nature). And come on, we owe this much to mother Earth and our respective businesses to evolve as we move ahead in time.

Everycard is a tool which ups the networking game, whether it’s that first impression or ease of use. The chances of you closing that deal are significantly higher with the cutting-edge solution that we provide.

It’s time you make the change. It’s time the business sphere changes.

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