blogMaking Businesses ELITE, One Card at a Time

Making Businesses ELITE, One Card at a Time

First impressions are the ones that last. With the ELITE smart cards, you can give your brands that unique voice and look that will set you apart from the race. Impress and amaze your potential clients with this groundbreaking product and make it easier for anyone to be interested and invested in your business.

When you create a digital business card, it would only usually contain your basic information—your name, company, position, social links, and phone numbers. It might include a link or two, directing your contact to your professional social media profiles. But that’s about it. If you try to add more information, you risk cluttering your business card and making it less presentable.

With the ELITE smart digital business card, you get:-

  1. Email addresses
  2. Contact numbers
  3. Addresses with map
  4. Websites/Blogs links
  5. Social media links to connect easily
  6. Direct WhatsApp without any hassle
  7. Brochures and leaflets
  8. Lead generation forms to capture every enquiry without human error
  9. Banner slider
  10. Image gallery
  11. Videos gallery
  12. Payment info for straight-up business
  13. Spotlight
  14. Real-time sync with your Google information
  15. Book slots and meetings easily
  16. White-label solutions for authenticity
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Digital Business Card Platform by Dhruv Shah

With these key features, the team at ELITE has developed a digital business card that has raised the roof in the digital business card’s ecosystem. A product of the generation, as dubbed by those who have been using this efficient new model. The market regresses to old and stale means and calls them smart solutions, but ELITE business cards have paved a new, smarter path that has left the entire race in splits.

With all these advantages, it’s high time you get a digital business card. It’s easy to create, and you can make unique designs that will reflect your business and personality. With digital cards, your creativity isn’t limited by the physical realm.

It’s time you create an iconic impression on the world. It’s time we leave the physical realm and take our businesses to the realm of technology.

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