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Introducing the ELITE Smart Digital Business Card

A team of tech sages, led by an industry veteran, Dhruv Shah, decided to disrupt the entire business ecosystem one day. Something fresh, something innovative, and most importantly, something that would put their names on the world map one day! This revolutionary product is a true testament to years of hard work and the ever-modernizing technological sphere.

This futuristic team vow to all their customers that this product has no equal in the international market. It’s this confidence that has set a podium for them to eventually conquer the digital business card market.

There have been several products in the market over the years claiming to be the game-changer. But, a few trinkets and gizmos don’t earn you the mantle of smart business cards. The ELITE Digital Business Card solution has soaked every ounce of information and technology into its product to make it the best one yet!

Digital Business Card
Dhruv Shah, Digital Business Card Platform Owner.

Now, what exactly is this Digital Business Card by ELITE?

You know how it’s a hassle to carry around a bunch of business cards, catalogues, references, client testimonials, lead-capturing booklets, and so much more around just to make a sale? Well, you don’t have to worry about this anymore!

The ELITE digital business card platform is a one-stop solution for your entire business. Carry folders worth of information in the palm of your hand!

  1. No more stops to the printing press. Simply subscribe to the ELITE digital business card and get a new cooler way to introduce your business to clients.
  2. Schedule tasks, meetings, and appointments to make sure all business commitments are met.
  3. Have all your socials on one singular platform for the world to reach you.
  4. Make an impact on your clients with easy-to-manage loads of information via your own Google Drive.
  5. Secure lead data straight into your Google Sheet and make use of the Google Sheet’s advanced features
  6. Be unique in the way you conduct your business networking. Be as unique as our innovation is.

Alas, the term evolution is one these guys take pretty seriously. If phones have Apple, if food has Mcdonalds, and if furniture has Ikea, then Elite will be the face of the Smart Business Card industry in the time to come.

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