blogHow ELITE’s Digital Business Card Could Help you at Business Expos

How ELITE’s Digital Business Card Could Help you at Business Expos

The past few years have seen an immense change in the way we conduct business expos and meets. One thing that hasn’t changed is the need for business networking and connections, be it in-person or virtually. The ELITE Digital Business Card is a means to forge new and better connections in this digital era.

Evolution has been the basis of nature since the very beginning. The ELITE cards are the next step of evolution in the business cards ecosystem and the way you introduce yourselves, and they’re here to stay! Bringing about an insurgence of digital cards, the team at ELITE strongly believe that theirs is the product of this decade.

Imagine you’re at a business expo lugging around a stack of printed business cards in your pocket. Sure, it would help you in networking with people and giving them your contact details and name. But, is that enough to make a sale? Is that enough to harbour a long-term business relationship? You need catalogues, a portfolio, a schedule for potential meetings, a form to get leads, and so much more in order to make just one sale. Well, ELITE Digital Business Cards brings all this and more under one white-labelled solution for you to bring your entire business into the mere palm of your hands.

Easy to use, Easier to explain

What most people lack is the time and conviction to sell their product in the few seconds of face-time with a potential client at an expo. With ELITE, you simply share your smart card with the client and give them an insight to your products/services using various media like images, videos, catalogue, communications, and social presence of your business at large.

No more unnecessary paperweight

Why carry stacks of papers into expos and meetings? You can simply carry all of your paperweights in your phone in one simple medium. Be it brochures, photo galleries, or enquiry forms, the ELITE has it all under one roof. Look professional and smart at the same time in front of the world!

Less hassle, More connections

When at business conventions, you’ve already invested a lot in getting a spot. Why spend more time and effort explaining to everyone verbally or leaving a paper trail longer than your bills? More often than not, you’ll lose more clients than the ones you’ve gained in all this. With the ELITE Business Solution, you can save man-hours and effort and make it easier for everyone in the process.

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