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A DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD – a way to sustainability

Time is ever-changing, and along with it, technologies and ways of networking between people change. We haven’t only innovated a worthy replacement for business cards, but we’ve infused technology and futuristic art to provide the ultimate business solution! The ELITE smart business cards have changed the exchange of contact information, meeting availability, and a lot more!

Previously, you needed to make hundreds of paper business cards in a printing house, which took up space in your wallet, and after use, they were usually thrown away. The time of paper has passed and now your wallet can contain only one or several business cards for all occasions.

There are dramatic changes in the world because of climate change and global warming, which is why people must take action. We, at ELITE, came up with the smart business card concept to tackle several human and commercial issues, but having a sustainable approach and doing something in return for the Earth was always a driving force.

We all know that paper is recyclable, yet its environmental impact is immense. Millions of trees are chopped each year for these small paper rectangles, leaving a big carbon footprint.

Let’s change the world together! Let’s change your business together!

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